The European sprayer
manufacturer association

The European portable sprayer market, like many other markets, is increasingly changing due to globalization.

A growing number of non-European manufacturers are offering low-quality devices that ignore the safety and quality requirements applicable in Europe.

Copies of branded products, at extremely low prices and poor quality confuses consumers. This evolution led us to create the ESMA (European Sprayer Manufacturer Association) in 2007 in order to work together for fair competition and to ensure that high quality and safe products are offered on the market. The sustainability of our companies and the preservation of jobs as well as know-how in development and production in Europe play an important role.

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We want to work for the good of all
market participants, especially the
end consumers.

ESMA’s objective is to work in the interest of all market players, in particular that of end consumers.

Equally important is the further development of the market under conditions of fair competition, such as ensuring that technical progress is not constrained by unnecessary trade barriers, rules or regulations.

ESMA and its members respect the applicable rules and laws and act accordingly.

In order to achieve these objectives, ESMA is active in various fields of activity:

In order to achieve these objectives, ESMA is active in various fields of activity:
Creation of safety standards
Development of test procedures
Carrying out security tests
Market monitoring regarding product safety and fair competition
Joint action against product piracy
Participation in the development of laws and standards
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ESMA is open to all companies that manufacture and develop sprayers and spraying devices in Europe.


Please send your membership requests to:
ESMA (European Sprayer Manufacturer Association)
Registered office at the office of SYGMA (Syndicat Général du Machinisme Agricole)
19 rue J. Bingen
75017 Paris

Contact person:
Jürg Zwahlen (President)

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